Town design

Originally shot for a college project to illustrate a book by a local author.
What struck me about the place then (and now) is how idyllic it is to have normal terraced housing backing onto a communal park area. If I were a town planner my rule would be road at the front, green strip at the back.
(Only just noticed the tops of the bench are like mini houses with the same roof angle as the properties behind, I would not been concious of this at the time but I have no doubt it was a major reason for taking the image, unconscious thought notices far more)



Early 1980s demolition, Nottingham

Luckily I dont think it was a windy day. Health and safety standards for demolition have certainly changed since. Taken on a walk to nowhere in particular. I enjoyed walking with my camera and capturing what I saw along the way.

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Post Office Telecommunications

24 hour Buzz service says the Buzby poster on the side of the van. Before privatization and it becoming BT the Post Office looked after the telephone service. The distinctive red and white plastic tents kept the weather out as the engineers joined impossible bundles of copper wire together. Nottingham circa 1981.
The Gasometers have gone but some 40 years later there is still access to the phone network in the same place.