Goldsmith Street Nottingham?

Difficult to place precisely as they have long been demolished. Taken approx 1982.

Straight digitisation of a medium format 6×6  colour negative. Strange colours come from a mix of street lights and perhaps moonlight.

Student Accommodation Nottingham 1981/2

Second year house share in Lees Hill Road, Sneinton, Nottingham.

Here across 3 frames of 6×6 colour negatives is one of my co-housemates as she takes her turn to clean the kitchen.

Pretty basic facilities and very cold in the winter but the landlord was a nice guy and the rent was reasonable (from memory £4 per week).

The third housemate was a little more particular about cleanliness than I was and I once found a coin resting in the grill cover housing – a test to see I had dissembled the cooker to clean it when it was my turn…

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Town design

Originally shot for a college project to illustrate a book by a local author.
What struck me about the place then (and now) is how idyllic it is to have normal terraced housing backing onto a communal park area. If I were a town planner my rule would be road at the front, green strip at the back.
(Only just noticed the tops of the bench are like mini houses with the same roof angle as the properties behind, I would not been concious of this at the time but I have no doubt it was a major reason for taking the image, unconscious thought notices far more)



Dreamscape 5

Two negatives combined to create one image. Nigh time Nottingham and a studio shot, both taken on  Kodak Vericolor II Professional Type S medium format colour negative film.


The only image in the dreamscape project to not be shot at night but seeming to emerge from it’s own dark centre.

The Mill

Venue: The Mill, a Nottingham nightclub near the centre of town. As well as the latest 80s music they had light displays and smoke machines. This image was used in an article in the September 1983 edition of the British Journal of Photography about the final diploma show at Trent Polytechnic.

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Fun and games

Adam Sulik (left) comes to visit after a trip to the Reject Shop in town. He has bought a rolling ball maze game and lets everyone have a go. After days of frustration Adam got quite good at it…

Flat 8 visitor

I cannot say for certain now but I think the Sheena Easton poster was meant to be ironic rather than a true fan statement.

The poster with Lech Wałęsa of the Polish Solidarity movement was not ironic, there is no doubt we all had a left wing bent, Margret Thatcher had come to power the previous year and was systematically removing the kinder aspects of a civil society, even at our young age we could sense her ideas were based in fear rather than love.