Children of the stones

Cornish stone. Yahicamat 124G 6×6 twin lens reflex, f3.5 (wide open on the 80mm standard lens).

Cornwall, approx 1980.


Mum and sister Susan discuss the weekly shopping, St.Helens supermarket, late 1970s. Cup-a-Soup is 40.5p (the half pence was always written very small on the card so on first look the price seemed to be 40p.) I seem to remember wearing my school uniform when I took this so it may have been after school.

Photographing in the supermarket was as easy as photographing in the school, as long as you did not ask permission it was no problem. It helped that in the 1970s people were a little less hung up on rules, one of the nicer (and also sinister) aspects of the period.

Great British Scare Stories

Rabies Warning, 1980. Yashicamat 124G 6×6 camera, FP4 film.

Rabies poster on fisherman’s shed on the shore, 1980 trip to Cornwall with some fellow Trent Polytechnic photo students. Roger Beecroft was one of the younger and more dynamic college tutors, he had a cottage in the town near the bay and we stayed there for a week to explore and do some photography.

Rabies has come and gone several times in the public imagination, there is always something to worry about…

The chair in itself

Adam Sulik’s chair in his first year accommodation at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham. Years later reading “The fire in the equations” by Kitty Ferguson I thought of this chair as she described the different forms a chair takes if you consider it on the atomic and other levels.

This is of course not a chair, just a record of the light rays bouncing off one.

What I remember most about the chair was how comfortable it was, it not only rotated, you could lean back and it would tilt with you – brilliant.

Canning Circus

A historical and mysterious part of Nottingham city centre, taken in approx 1980. This was a first year project to illustrate a book by a local author, cannot recall which book referenced this place. I had taken a few frames and was about to move on when someone walked past me and I instinctively pressed the shutter button.

Maxim Piatigorsky

Maxim Piatigorski, sculptor in wood at his workshop on Anglsey in Wales Late 80s / early 90s. Maxim was the brother of Ilya whom I shared a flat with in a house in Brockley.

The Vans of Blackheath

The rather old minibus operated by the local “Age Exchange” charity

Late 1980s, Blackheath, London.

Although I lived in Brockley, a thirty minute walk away was the village of Blackheath, I did enjoy visiting it and for some time volunteered at the Age Exchange charity located there. I regularly passed these two distinctive vans, not too sure why there was a pigeon painted on the side of one but I did like it. There is a lack of local wildlife portraits on the sides of vans generally and perhaps there should be more.


No fire, plenty of water

Flooded high street, Lewisham, the 1990s. Always carrying a camera paid off on this day and I caught the fire crew enjoying the event. Perhaps fire officers have slightly less “Fireman Sam” uniforms these days but the thing that shows this image belongs in the past is the Rothman’s cigarettes advertisement.

Another last dance

Making fun of the last dance. 1981/1982 The Arboretum club, Nottingham.

Announced as a “last dance” the final record of the evening tended to be a slow romantic ballad to encourage the coupling of new or existing partners.

For people in groups or uncoupled this was the opportunity to drink up and start putting on their coats but for some it was time to rebel and make a statement.

(Interesting to look at nightlife pictures taken (by others) more recently, seems there has been a shift in behavior since the 1970s / 1980s, a more “mass experience” crowd based aesthetic)

No thing

and the leaves that are green turn to brown…

Student Accommodation Nottingham 1980/1

Second year house share in Lees Hill Road, Sneinton, Nottingham. Pretty basic facilities and very cold in the winter but the landlord was a nice guy and the rent was reasonable.

Memories of staying up late into the night programming a newly acquired Sinclair ZX81 computer. I needed to get rid of it a year later as its logic blocked what I needed to do for photography. I gave the computer away to a Chinese student in my next accomodation in Burns street, he in turn gave me a red silk tie, I think I may still have it somewhere.

Still life on Velvia

Items from the Patrick Cook collection at the Patrick Cook studio in Brockley, London. Taken in approx 1988.

Patrick very kindly let me use his artist studio to take pictures of his collection.
Horseman LX 5×4 studio camera Nikon 150mm lens shot on Fuji Velvia film.

Chips again Ste?

Image from a documentary project. Student accommodation, Flat 8 Hampden Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FF. Pentax K1000 camera, 50mm f2 lens, Ilford HP5 film.

Going straight from school to Polytechnic was not an easy journey, the art students I shared first year accommodation with were older and more world wise. They were good guys and I hope that life has treated them well since I last saw them in 1980.

Student Accommodation


Image from a documentary project. Student accommodation, Flat 8 Hampden Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FF. Pentax K1000 camera, 50mm f2 lens, Ilford HP5 film.


Summer 1980. One of my fellow flatmates (right) enjoys the company of a guest in first year student accommodation in Flat 8 Hampden Street Nottingham.
The majority of boys I shared with were art students which made it easier when I did a small photo documentary project of the place as part of my first year Photography course.
Im currently digitising the rest of the images to recreate the whole project. Would be nice to hear from the people who lived there then.

BBC Radio Nottingham 1981, live on air, mikes closed.

BBC Radio studio Nottingham, record playing on air whilst matters are discussed. March 1981.

This was going to be part of a project on the entertainment industry that I had negotiated with the course leader Euan Duff, it was never used as the project became more nightlife based.

3 static negatives

Animated gif file made from 3 consecutive black and white negatives shot in the 1970s as part of my duties to photograph the school teams and provide prints.


Team photos taken at Cowley Boys School in the mid to late 1970s.
It was sleeting as I took the pictures. As always I shot a few frames of each team so as to minimise the chance of anyone spoiling the shot by blinking or gesticulating.

Some forty years after taking these images I can recover a time element by animating between the three negatives, a highish definition black and white video of a time gone.

A separate image from another day and using the side of the quad rather than the steps.


Victoria Park St.Helens, 1979.


Fellow Cowley pupil Robert Williams takes a photo as I record him and Victoria Park during a 6th form Photo Society outing in 1979.
Pilkingtons Glass was a major manufacturer based in the town and employed a whole lot of townsfolk in the factories dotted around.

Speke airport

Awaiting departure at Speke Airport, early 1980s.

A gateway to possibilities, later to become John Lennon airport. Not long after “British Airways” became just “British”, this was later reversed after people realized it was just silly.