Lost in Bristol

I was in Bristol for the Wildscreen festival and decided to go for a walk.

In one of the city squares an area was cordoned off for rebuilding but you could still kind of walk around it.

I spotted these trees overgrowing a statue and it reminded me of a part of the conversation between David Attenborough and Chris Packam at a talk the previous day,

For just a moment, they speculated how the natural world would recover well from the extinction of humans, they didnt dwell long on  the subject aware that they may have overstepped some boundary.

In the city centre I caught a little glimpse of the possibility.

Welcome to my personal site

I’m the Stephen Johnson who was born in St.Helens, Lancashire in 1961.

A quick rundown:
I went to Parish Church School then Central Modern for a few years before being transported to Cowley Boys School. After 6th form I went to Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham for 3 years studying photography. I moved to London in 1984 and eventually got a job at Tony Stone Images where I stayed on and off till 1997 when I moved with Jennie to Sheringham on the North Norfolk Coast. In 1998 our daughter Alice came along.