Shared kitchen

I really just rented a room when I moved to London. There was another room that was shared, it had a tv in the corner and a couple of chairs with a sink and cooker in the other corner. Not much different from the accommodation in Nottingham really except Mrs Saper the landlady lived downstairs and made the whole house feel like a home. Neither my flatmate nor myself were particularly enthusiastic with housework though….

Mid 1980s, transparency film, taken just befoe making a cup of tea.

Adams greenhouse chair

Greenhouse at the rear of 49 Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, London. Taken in the later 1980s. A great place to drink out of a Spanish wine skin listening to Spanish / Arabic music.
Mamiya RB67 90mm lens, 6×7 transparency film.

King George VI Electric Suction Sweeper

Moving to London in 1984 was quite a step for me. My worldly posessions in the boot of a friends car and £40 in my bank account. I was very fortunate to have a lovely landlady (Adams mum). The supplied hover in the shared furnished flat worked well despite it being 30-50 years old.




Taken in April 1986. James was a vibrant and energetic friend, his voice filled the large Victorian house I rented rooms in as he came to visit Adam and others.

He died too soon and before I could make peace over some silly misunderstanding. Sorry James.


Shot in (about)1985 on a pre war Voigtländer Brillant camera. Commission by Jane (pictured) who designed hats. Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, London.