A student of art 1980

Bernard in the kitchen at the first year student accomodation in Bayham street. I took the religious iconography as ironic but now I wonder.

Fun and games

Adam Sulik (left) comes to visit after a trip to the Reject Shop in town. He has bought a rolling ball maze game and lets everyone have a go. After days of frustration Adam got quite good at it…

Flat 8 visitor

I cannot say for certain now but I think the Sheena Easton poster was meant to be ironic rather than a true fan statement.

The poster with Lech Wałęsa of the Polish Solidarity movement was not ironic, there is no doubt we all had a left wing bent, Margret Thatcher had come to power the previous year and was systematically removing the kinder aspects of a civil society, even at our young age we could sense her ideas were based in fear rather than love.

Cooking upset

A pan catastrophe, easy to get distracted in a busy shared flat. Aside from myself and one other the art students in the flat tended to cook communal meals for each other, I was fascinated by their meals based on rice and pasta, being working class I had not come across such things before.

I had come straight from school but the others had spent some time at an art college before Polytechnic, the age/confidence gap felt huge at the time. They were good company though and the collection of records they played expanded my musical horizons.