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Heading layer

Random thoughts and images from the photo archive:

Having spent most of my lifetime immersed in photography of one kind or other I have decided to go through the archive of images and give them a life outside the negative folders and boxes.

The galleries follow me from the start of my photography and cover the following periods: 1970s: My Cowley school images from St.Helens, 1980s: Photo College in Nottingham then London, 1990s: London then moving to Sheringham, 2000s: Before the transition to digital

Elegaic light

Nottingham Municipal War Memorial next to the river Trent. A nightime walk with my camera and tripod in the early 1980s.

The light brings out the sad beauty of the monument, it would seem to me that a lot of thought has gone into it, a focus for complentation.

But What?

Taken on (my only)  skiing trip to France. Late 1980s? Kodachrome 35mm slide film.



Taken on a late 1970s holiday trip to stay at a caravan in North Wales. Mum taking a rest with Cindy the miniture Yorkshire terrier dog beside her. Perhaps tea bags were considered to be a suitable replacement for cucumber? Mum would have been horified that I had taken the picture. As a learnt later under the guidance of my Photography course tutor Euan Duff, there is nothing wrong in showing “how we are”. You have to admire the multitasking show here.

Olympic efforts

Matt Lambert gets beneath his black cloth to check framing and focus on his 5″x4″ studio camera. I went to see Matt at his new home in Canada and we decided on a roadtrip into America to do some photography. Part of our journey was through the Olympic mountains in the Pacific North West of the USA.

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A big job for the firm

1980s walk around London taking some stock images, I came across a new guard at Buckingham Palace. 35mm fujichrome transparency film.

Disparate objects

Trent Polytechnic photo course project: Disparate Objects. Take in approx 1981 age when done: 20
We were encouraged on the courses to complete set tasks, one of the tasks was to photograph two seemingly unrelated objects together.

I cannot remember where I came up with the idea of the safety pin and record for my “disparate objects”, like most ideas they just seem to pop into existence.

I cannot remember how I warped the record, perhaps I used the oven in the student accommodation?

In 1976/7 I was in my mid teens and ripe for being in the punk generation, some of my classmates were punks. I was more likely to be listening to the New Seekers at the time.
I like the idea of a “safety” pin destroying the “music” though of course we all know it was home taping that actually killed music.

Until now I thought my conceptual photography started at my time at Tony Stone  Images but clearly, thanks to the tutors at Trent Polytechnic it started here.

This was shot on a 5×4 studio camera using tungsten lights and FP4 black and white negative film.