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Heading layer

Random thoughts and images from the photo archive:

Having spent most of my lifetime immersed in photography of one kind or other I have decided to go through the archive of images and give them a life outside the negative folders and boxes.

The galleries follow me from the start of my photography and cover the following periods: 1970s: My Cowley school images from St.Helens, 1980s: Photo College in Nottingham then London, 1990s: London then moving to Sheringham, 2000s: Before the transition to digital

King George VI Electric Suction Sweeper

Moving to London in 1984 was quite a step for me. My worldly posessions in the boot of a friends car and £40 in my bank account. I was very fortunate to have a lovely landlady (Adams mum). The supplied hover in the furnished flat worked well despite it being 30-50 years old.


Taken in the hills around Burnley Lancashire. Later 1990s.

Horse Play

Haydock Racecourse N.W. England. Summer 1980. Lining up for the race.
Pentax K1000 camera, Kodachrome 25 transparency film.

Underground spaces

The pleasures of the London Underground in rush hour, London Bridge station. Later 1980s. Pentax K1000 camera, 400 asa high speed transparency film.


Group of monks attending the Godiva Procession, Coventry city centre. Mid 1990s. Taken on a Canon EOS 1 film camera.