Private Galleries

I make many of my images available for viewing on this site and some of them may be shareable in the future.

However – there are a number of images I have made of people and places that are a little more private and are not for general consumption.

If I have photographed you in the past then Im very happy to share my images with you for your own personal use (including social media sharing if you wish).

Just email me and ask if I have the pictures, if I do then I will send you a private password protected link where you can see the images and download copies.

Please feel free to ask.


My Kiev 4a 35mm rangefinder camera, bought for less than £40 new in the 1970s and used well into the 1980s.






Please feel free to use the share buttons if available but be respectful of the images.
No sharing outside facebook or twitter allowed
(note: not all pictures are shareable).All images are protected by Copyright.