Post Office Telecommunications

24 hour Buzz service says the Buzby poster on the side of the van. Before privatization and it becoming BT the Post Office looked after the telephone service. The distinctive red and white plastic tents kept the weather out as the engineers joined impossible bundles of copper wire together. Nottingham circa 1981.
The Gasometers have gone but some 40 years later there is still access to the phone network in the same place.

BBC Radio Nottingham 1981, live on air

This was going to be part of a project on the entertainment industry that I had negotiated with the course leader Euan Duff, it was never used as the project became more nightlife based.

Dancing class

Image taken in the main hall of the Nottingham YMCA during a dancing class. Im drawn to this image as it is so “quiet”.

This was part of a second year photo documentary project at Trent Polytechnic. Taken in either 1981 or 1982.

In retrospect photographing the raw energy and chaos of the younger classes and the more refined formal dancing of the older classes gave me a spectrum of images reflective of life’s progression. 

The learning process
giving space to enjoyment

The Arboretum on a foggy night

The Arboretum is one of my favourite places in Nottingham, like the Victoria park of my youth these spaces bring nature, space and light into people’s lives, they are precious places.