Night Scene

The Wall. Yashicamat 124G 6×6 camera.

Lees Hill Road, Sneinton, Nottingham,1980/1981.

I dont think I went out much at night growing up in St.Helens, in Nottingham I had the space and freedom to wonder the streets and take pictures. Quite often these trips out were with Adam Sulik who also liked to take night shots, we never took the same scene, always seemed to find different aspects of the place interesting. In this instance I was alone as the wall was just round the corner from my rented room in Sneinton.

I photographed this scene several times, partly because of its graphic nature but also because of some feeling it invoked, I cannot get to the bottom of why.

It would be more than possible to photograph this scene hand held with current technology but in the days of film I used a tripod,



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