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Most of the transparencies and negatives from the past were processed shortly after shooting. The transparencies were in the main E4 / E6 processed and the black and white negatives were hand processed by myself.

I recently came across some unprocessed film from the early 2000s and will add these images soon.

All film has been digitized by myself using a variety of techniques and using my colour grading experience to bring out the authentic colour and tone from the images.

At Trent Polytechnic I used cheaper resin coated paper for work prints and the more expensive Ilford Gallerie paper for the final and exhibition prints. Colour prints were made on Agfa paper.

I find that I get better quality colour and tone from digitizing the images than when I made the prints, a nice surprise though of course my skills may have improved in the meantime.

I offer this as a service to others, contact me for details.

At the very least, look after your original negatives and transparencies, a rich and irreplaceable source of information.



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