Speke airport

Awaiting departure at Speke Airport, early 1980s.


A gateway to possibilities, later to become John Lennon airport. Not long after “British Airways” became just “British”, this was later reversed after people realized it was just silly.

Ferry cross the Mersey

Setting off from Liverpool dockside on the Ferry to New Brighton



St.Helens, my home town is about half way between Manchester and Liverpool. I don’t recall many trips to either city but this (rare for me) 1970s colour image shows me departing from Liverpool and heading towards New Brighton on the ferry.

I must have been 3 or 4 years old when I first saw a large body of water. It was the Mersey Estuary seen from the docks. In that one moment I remember being completely overwhelmed seeing the waves dancing with the wind and the sheer scale of the scene in front of me filled me with awe.