The old cafe

The central doors lead to pop, crisps and ice cream, the doors to the left of the picture lead to bowls and putting hire (perhaps tennis rackets and balls also?). Round the back were the public toilets.
Victoria Park. St.Helens.

its raining again

A miserable wet 1970 winters day in a northern town. The Victorians made the Industry but they also provided the park.

On a grey day you noticed the industry more than the park. Of course the chimneys are now gone and the park is in a more natural setting. Certainly something gained; but also something lost.

The images are part of a sequence I took on my walk home from school through Victoria Park in St.Helens, no exif data when shooting film but I would date these images between 1975 and 1978. Zenith E slr camera, 58mm lens FP4 film.