Prendergast School, Hilly Fields, Brockley

Quite a large building for such a lovely but small park. An intriguingly high wall drew my attention and I used a Mamiya RB67 with Kodak Ektachrome 64 professional 220 to capture the scene. Late 1980s.

A new building has been built on the other side of the wall now so this dizzying view is no longer there.

On the nature of the ephemeral

Doorway, Butlers Wharf, Docklands London. Taken some time in the 1980s.

No doubt large parts of this building were retained and converted but I doubt the grime built up over the years or this wooden doorway is there anymore.

At photo and film school I played around with image as illusion, Im now thinking that a photo can retain a reality after the subject is no longer there, the hard material world changes over time but stages can be preserved in images. Perhaps because at base there are only mental images?

Let’s together pause on this street and appreciate the history of the scene in front of us.

the nature of things

Surrounded by the intensity of nature, occasionally the blinkers are lowered. Hilly Fields park in Brockley London. (Its parallels with “The singing ringing tree” also strike a chord)