Saturday night

The Palais in Nottingham in 1982 or 83. Part of my nightlife project as a photography student at Trent Polytechnic. Hand held photography at night using film was not overly easy.

Kiev 4A camera, 50mm lens. Likely shot wide open (f2.8) 1/25th of a second,  HP5 film plus extended development

Euan Duff

Euan Duff. Photography course leader
I found Euan to be an inspirational teacher. You can see some of his work here.
Trent Polytechnic. Nottingham.

I have only recently found out that Euan studied photography at the London College of Printing in the same year alongside Tony Stone.

Tony was a strong influence on me also after I joined his photolibrary as a duper in the darkrooms, it was however my decision to take my photography in a more commercial direction. As always, something gained and something lost.


The final image in the sequence of night life images.

The quieter (but still fashionable) pubs in the city centre had a higher proportion of couples, a bit older than the crowds in the noisier venues.