Enjoying the sun


At some point in the late 1970s I went for a walk from my home in Ledger Road Haydock up West End Road. I was testing out a new camera (a Chinese built folding 6×4.5cm Seagull camera) and photographed this couple enjoying the sunshine in their front garden.

They were very kind to give me permission to take the image. The houses on this block were I think due for demolition so this is a real recording of what has passed. The power of facebook means I know the address is 264 Clipsley Lane in Haydock and that their names are Tom and Ivy,  their youngest daughter now has this image of them which makes me very happy.

Self Portrait

Taken April 1986.

The arrogance of youth,

Looking back now all I see is the poor way I treated other people close to me, I owe many apologies.
Seeing the years in pictures invites insight and self questioning, sometimes its not pretty.
I have made plenty of mistakes and bad judgments. I have many regrets.