The Vans of Blackheath

The rather old minibus operated by the local “Age Exchange” charity

Late 1980s, Blackheath, London.

Although I lived in Brockley, a thirty minute walk away was the village of Blackheath, I did enjoy visiting it and for some time volunteered at the Age Exchange charity located there. I regularly passed these two distinctive vans, not too sure why there was a pigeon painted on the side of one but I did like it. There is a lack of local wildlife portraits on the sides of vans generally and perhaps there should be more.


No fire, plenty of water

Flooded high street, Lewisham, the 1990s. Always carrying a camera paid off on this day and I caught the fire crew enjoying the event. Perhaps fire officers have slightly less “Fireman Sam” uniforms these days but the thing that shows this image belongs in the past is the Rothman’s cigarettes advertisement.

Still life on Velvia

Items from the Patrick Cook collection at the Patrick Cook studio in Brockley, London. Taken in approx 1988.

Patrick very kindly let me use his artist studio to take pictures of his collection.
Horseman LX 5×4 studio camera Nikon 150mm lens shot on Fuji Velvia film.




Taken in April 1986. James was a vibrant and energetic friend, his voice filled the large Victorian house I rented rooms in as he came to visit Adam and others.

He died too soon and before I could make peace over some silly misunderstanding. Sorry James.



Hat by Jayne. Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, London mid 1980s.



Hat by Jayne. Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, London mid 1980s.

Early morning plastics

Bakelite products from the  Patrick Cook collection, Brockley London late 1980s.
I met the artist Patrick Cook whilst volunteering at the Age Exchange in Blackheath. He very kindly let me photograph his studio and collection of early plastics, this is one of a few images based around egg cups.

the nature of things

Surrounded by the intensity of nature, occasionally the blinkers are lowered. Hilly Fields park in Brockley London. (Its parallels with “The singing ringing tree” also strike a chord)


Shot in (about)1985 on a pre war Voigtländer Brillant camera. Commision by Jayne (pictured) who designed hats. Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, London.