Going through a collection of images that is up to four decades old has been interesting. Not so much for the images as the response they generate from others.

When I post an image from the past onto a related Facebook page it encourages people to compare and contrast a particular scene or atmosphere with today. Nostalgia of course is pervasive and some people will compare the present poorly against the past.

A little rarer but still present are people who look back on the past as not a good place, perhaps they were going through some bad things at the time.

I cannot control the narrative or response to a particular image but I can present a variety of images that show some of the less than ideal realities of the time. This abandoned and burn out car is on the newly redeveloped linear park near Haydock, Merseyside. At the time the earth movers had reformed the landscape to be a place for enjoyment and relaxation. It was also a convenient place for some to dispose of things that were no longer useful.

Taken in approx 1977 on a Lubitel II TLR camera.



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