Quantum superposition


A conceptual stock image produced for syndication through Getty images in the Mid 1990s.

Photographing a half full glass of wine conventionally would have made it look like I had just had a drink so came up with this idea to have a genuinely full and empty glass by dividing it vertically.

These were early days still for digital composition, I had a habit of adding texture or other softening effect to minimize the clinical look that was common in electronically produced images at the time.

Glass (empty then full) and square jar with wine were photographed using a Horseman LX 5×4 studio camera on Fuji Velvia film, cracked plate texture photographed on a Mamiya RB67 on Velvia film. Images scanned on a Crosfield Celsis drum scanner and the Images composited using Barco Creator software running on a Silicon Graphics Indego computer.

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