The Wasteland

No, not a shot of a failed Mars Lander.

Abandoned carcass of a black and white valve TV set, possible early 1960s vintage. Photo approx 1976/7. Taken in St.Helens on some wasteland, possibly after some street demolition. This shot reminded me that I used to enjoy taking the backs off old TVs to poke around and see how they worked, surprised I’m still alive thinking about it now.

We are looking at the back of the set likely to be based around a GEC 2000 series design, the tube had been removed and the valves also but their bases remain. the knobs bottom right are for line hold, frame hold and frame linearity (Thanks to the people at the Vintage Television Collectors Page on Facebook for the details)

The family TV at home at the time was also Monochrome, I think my parents only got a colour set at the end of the seventies or even the early eighties.No wonder Black and White photography felt so natural!

Shot on 6×6 120 Kodak safety film. Taken on an old Rolliecord borrowed from the Gamble Institute, St.helens. This image would have been taken on a Saturday morning as the camera would need to be returned by midday.



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