Unofficial 5th form class photo 5L Friday 21st April 1978 12.00am

For some reason Cowley Boys school did not arrange class photos during the time I was there. This however was the period of punk and we did not need no official photographer to get the job done.

Form 5L, In one of the frames I’m holding my arm out to steady myself after running from setting the self timer on the Zenith E camera mounted on a tripod.

Kodak Plus-x pan film used (20 exposure roll bought the same day for 88p) Wholeplate sized prints were available shortly afterwards, Im still owed 50p by someone in this photo – I have not forgotten…

Maximum temperature that day was 60 degrees Fahrenheit, a rare entry in a diary provides the details, wish I wrote one more often. Shortly after this was taken I photographed form 5W, you can see that one here: Class 5W



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