Ecstasy in the garden

Water drops from the fountains in the garden of the Generalife,  adjacent to the Alhambra Palace.

Taken during a visit to Granada, Spain in the 1980s. I went on a tour with Adam and he introduced me to Southern Spain, visiting cities, towns and villages well away from the crowded beaches.

This was my first trip to a hot country and I remember being extremely hot even when walking in the shadows, entering the sunlight brought an overwhelming blast of heat. Coming as I do from a small industrial town in the North West of England it was certainly something I had never experienced before.

Walking through the beautiful water cooled gardens felt very special. These small moments of bliss are fleeting, saved up and revisited years later, a glimpse into what could be.

As the visit to Spain was on a tight budget Adam was keen to find the cheapest possible places to stay, sometimes he found the brothels to be the cheapest, a token gesture to prove they were only hotels perhaps but we did not stay to chat to the ladies sat on the chairs downstairs.

The beds were clean though it was not uncommon to have an electric shock in the shower, the wiring was primitive to say the least, Im sure its all to a much higher standard now but we enjoyed the cheap meals and free flowing wine.



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