Student Accommodation Nottingham 1981/2

Second year house share in Lees Hill Road, Sneinton, Nottingham.

Here across 3 frames of 6×6 colour negatives is one of my co-housemates as she takes her turn to clean the kitchen.

Pretty basic facilities and very cold in the winter but the landlord was a nice guy and the rent was reasonable (from memory £8 per week).

The third housemate was a little more particular about cleanliness than I was and I once found a coin resting in the grill cover housing – a test to see I had dissembled the cooker to clean it when it was my turn…

Also: memories of staying up late into the night programming a newly acquired Sinclair ZX81 computer. I needed to get rid of it a year later as its logic blocked what I needed to do for photography.

I gave the computer away to a Chinese student in my next accommodation in Burns street, he in turn gave me a red silk tie, I think I may still have it somewhere.

The ZX81 taught me how to use the Basic programming language, this was to become very useful in later years as I automated workflow for the darkroom and then imaging department at Tony Stone Worldwide, surprising how similar the syntax of VAX VMS shell scripts are to the old Sinclair computer.