Dreamscape 1

An image from the Dreamscape project, final year exhibition Trent Polytechnic, 1983.

A composite of a night time shot at Canning Circus, Nottingham and a studio image. The two colour negatives were sandwiched together in the enlarger and a colour print was made.

These colour Dreamscapes evolved out of the night photography I had been doing in the previous years and the layering inspired by a combination of films and desires.

They were in stark contrast to my black and white documentary work on nightlife in the pubs and bars, perhaps I needed to create as well as take? In retrospect it may have lowered my final results as value is given for consistency and style, it was clear from these images that I was not going to be narrowed in the range of work I did.

Also clear to me now is that this work lead on to me doing composited conceptual work at Tony Stone Images.



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